At Chalmers Vera Team we strongly believe in that knowledge and education should be free and available to anyone. We have therefore taken the decision to publish all technical reports from projects we have undertaken since the startup of our team in 2006. It is our honest hope that by sharing our information, more students will increase their knowledge in associated areas.  Some might argue that information and technologies should be kept within the team for maintaining the competitiveness. That is not our opinion since we believe that information alone is useless if it’s not utilized in a correct way and in the long run everyone will benefit from free information.

On this page you find most of our technical reports from the beginning of 2006. A few of the latest reports are missing but will be published as soon as they are available, such as a report on our vehicle simulator. We do not guarantee the validity and accuracy of the reports but we are sure that your team will find some interesting information. In case of questions feel free to contact us on or on We will answer questions as far as possible.

Most reports are written in English but some are written in Swedish. We suggest you to use the document translation function of Google Translate to translate those documents. The translation from Swedish to English is quite accurate.

Lastly, we would be delighted if your team choose to share your knowledge in a similar way as we do. We believe it will gain the competitions as a whole, the competition among the teams as well as individuals. So let us combine our efforts in this matter.

All Copyrights (2006-2019) belong to Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Some of our latest projects is also on GitHub.


Drive Train Report (Eng)

Engine Design (Eng)

Shell Stiffness (Eng)


GT Power Simulation Report (Eng)

Engine Report (Eng)

Analyse of the Dynamics of Vera (Eng)

From 2010 major changes were made on Vera1. We designed our own engine and replaced the old carbon fibre frame with a new CrMo-frame. Strictly speaking we only kept the outer shell and 2010 should be regarded as a breakpoint where the reports until then does not describe the actual vehicle anymore.


Mk1 Engine Design (1 of 2) (Eng) – Up until this year we had been propelling Vera with a Honda GX35-engine. This year we started the development of our own engine. This engine has been updated to its’ seventh version which is the one we are using in Vera3.


Mk1 Engine Design  (2 of 2) (Eng) – This report describes a continued work on the Mk1 of our engine.

Aerodynamic report on Vera1 (Eng) – This report describes work done on aerodynamic simulations of Vera1.


Mk2 Engine Design (Eng) – This report describes the development of Mk2 of our engine.

Four Valve Engine Head (Eng) – This report describes a study we made on using four valve engine heads instead of a two valve engine head. We investigated the influence of intake channel layouts to create various levels of turbulence and the effect on volumetric efficiency. Lastly the report partly describes the manufacturing process which turned out to be a quandary.


VerApp (Eng) – In 2013 we were using another Swedish made ECU. However, we were lacking functions to log important data and we therefore developed an app for android that would communicate with the ECU and save data. The data should then be presented live on our homepage. The report also describes some goodies such as live measurement of wheel inclinations, frame strain and chain tension.

Solenoid Valves (Swe) – This report describes a fun project we started in 2013. We wanted to replace the mechanically controlled valves with valves controlled by a solenoid actuator. The project has been running since, and we are now closer than never before to implement it on our engine.


Optical Engine (Swe) – This report describes the development work of our optical engine which we use to record the combustion process with a High Speed Camera.

Engine Control Unit (Swe)This report describes the development process of our ECU. The ECU is based on an STM-processor running algorithms developed in MathWorks Simulink. The ECU is in use in both Vera1 since Rotterdam 2014 and in our newest vehicle, Vera3.

Driving Simulator (Eng) – This is a report on the development of Vera driving simulator. In this portfolio you can read more about the implementation and timeline of the project.


Report engine dynamometer for Chalmers Vera team (Eng) – This is the report of the development of the engine dynamometer.